Marie Malherbe


Marie Malherbe was born in 1975 in Nice (France). Her fine arts education starts at the École des Beaux-Arts in Geneva (Charles Vogt’s class). She continues with sculpture in Paris (France), getting at the same time a bachelor in Mathematics (Paris-VI Pierre et Marie Curie University) and a Master’s degree in History at the Sorbonne. In 1996 she wins a scholarship from the Sorbonne in Byzantine History at the Ca’Foscari University in Venice. There she studies traditional and experimental etching techniques with Nicola Sene at the Centro Internazionale della Grafica. In 2003 she sets up her own painting studio in Vienna (Austria). She has been exhibiting in Paris, Vienna and Italy, and in the Venice ghetto every year since 2012.

Her work is about beauty as a divine sign lifting up souls and thus transforming the world. She paints her enchanted world in a poetic style mixing byzantine and baroque languages.

Her work has been recently selected for the opening of the « Photissima » Pavillion in the framework of the 56th Venice Biennale in 2015, and for the Cathedral Jubilee installation in Treviso in 2016. Her projects have been selected for the « Abramitic Pavilion » in the Interreligious Biennale of Sacred Art (BIAS) in Palermo in 2016 and 2018. She keeps exhibiting small as well as large scale works in spiritually meaningful monuments and places.

Marie Malherbe

Der Künstler bei der Arbeit


2023 "Tautropfen der Auferstehung", Servitenkloster, Wien (Vienna), Österreich

2022 "The grace of Love", Imagoars, Ghetto vecchio, Venezia, Italien

2022 "Er sah und glaubte", Servitenkloster, Wien (Vienna), Österreich

2021 "Viaggi metaforici", Imagoars, Ghetto vecchio, Venezia, Italien

2019 "The Inner Woman", Venice Exhibition Gallery, San Marco, Venezia, Italien

2019 "Song of Songs", Imagoars Ghetto Vecchio, Venezia, Italien

2019 "Les Songes de Joseph", Peregrinikapelle, Wien (Vienna), Österreich

2018 "Via Crucis / Via Lucis", Battistero San Giovanni, Treviso, Italien

2018 "The Prophet and The City", Imagoars Ghetto Vecchio, Venezia, Italien

2018 "Biznaga Tribute" (retrospective), Venezia, Italien

2018 "La Madonna-Contrabasso", Peregrinikapelle, Wien (Vienna), Österreich

2017 "Angelus" (now permanent), Peregrinikapelle, Wien (Vienna), Österreich

2017 "Look Up!", La Biznaga, Venice Carnival, Venezia, Italien

2017 "Via Crucis", Servitenkloster, Wien (Vienna), Österreich

2017 "Avvento", La Biznaga, Venezia, Italien

2017 "Jacob", Imagoars Ghetto Vecchio, Venezia, Italien

2017 "A Song to Zenobia", MADE IN..gallery, Venezia, Italien

2016 "Il Giardino della Misericordia", Museo diocesano, Treviso, Italien

2016 "Danse avec l'Ange", La Biznaga, Venezia, Italien

2016 "A Sacred Covenant", 500th Anniversary of the Ghetto, Imagoars, Venezia, Italien

2016 "L'Arbre intérieur / Der innere Baum", Servitenkloster, Wien (Vienna), Österreich

2015 "Le Colonne della Misericordia", Cathedral Jubilee, Treviso, Italien

2015 "This is Love", La Biznaga, Venezia, Italien

2015 "A Taste of Paradise", Imagoars Ghetto Vecchio, Venezia, Italien

2014 "Creation is a Love Story", Imagoars, Venezia, Italien

2013 "Histoires Baroques", Galerie 1zu3, Wien (Vienna), Österreich

2013 "Le Jardin des Métamorphoses", Imagoars, Venezia, Italien

2012 "Nature Baroque", Casino' Venier, Venezia, Italien

2012 "Entre Terre et Mer", Imagoars, Venezia, Italien

2011 "Und Gott Sprach", Vienna, Österreich

2010 "Femmes en Fleur", Vienna, Österreich

2009 "Un Air de Venise", Galerie Pippa, Paris, Frankreich

2008 "Mykene", Galerie MOHA, Vienna, Österreich

2008 "Urban Warmth", Vienna, Österreich

2007 "Rouge", Vienna, Österreich

Kollektive Ausstellungen

2023 "Luce : Trasformazione della Rinascita", Villa Farsetti, Santa Maria di Sala, Italien

2022 "Luce e Cosmesi", Spazio SV, campo San Zaccaria, Venezia, Italien

2020 "The Game of Time", BIAS, Castello di Morsasco, Piemonte, Italien

2019 "Αθέατη Πόλη" (Invisible City), Heraklion, Griechenland

2018 "The Door", BIAS, oratorio dell'Angelo, Palermo, Italien

2017 "The Amber Road", Laboratorium Venezia, Venezia - Badoere, Italien

2016 "The Creation", BIAS, oratorio San Mercurio, et alii, Palermo, Italien

2015 "This is Contemporary", 56th Venice Biennale, Venezia, Italien

2014 "Metropolis", Berlin, Deutschland

2014 "S.A.L.I.G.I.A.", Ex-Manifattura Tabacchi, Torino, Italien

2013 "Verticalità", Atelier 50, Roma, Italien

2012 "Il Dominio della Carne", Palazzo Zenobio degli Armeni, Venezia, Italien

2012 "LiberArti", Festival delle Arti, Giudecca, Venezia, Italien

2011 "Artista In-Formato" (2011-2019) Etching Biennale, Venezia, Italien

2010 "Libro della Notte", Venezia Viva, Venezia-Berlin-Washington, Italien


2022 MAJESTAS DOMINI, Installation, Servitenkirche, Wien (Vienna), Österreich

2019 DIE TRÄUME DES JOSEF, Peregrinikapelle, Wien (Vienna), Österreich

2019 VIA CRUCIS / VIA LUCIS, Cappella SSa Trinità, Bargano (Lodi), Italien

2017 VERKÜNDIGUNG, Peregrinikapelle, Wien (Vienna), Österreich

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