Marie Malherbe


'This is LOVE'

Added Oct 15, 2015

What is ART if not an eye-opener ?

Through a series of paintings, objects and installations

let us explore...the mystery of LOVE,

not just as a feeling but as a spiritual gift and identity.

'A Taste of Paradise'

Added Jul 8, 2015

"Eden Revisited" : May 6th 2015 18:30, Inauguration performance, 56th Venice Biennale

Added May 6, 2015

"EDEN REVISITED", a performance artwork & concept by Marie Malherbe, performed by Davide Majer & Enrica Boromeo, acroyoga

Presented on the Opening of the Photissima Art Festival on the 56th Venice Biennale

Wednesday, May 6th 2015, chiostro della Ss. Trinità, campo dei Frari (cloister of the Frari Church), Venice

METROPOLIS libro d'artista collettivo

Added Oct 14, 2014

Cari amici, vi diamo notizia che

sabato 18 ottobre sabato ore 16

ci sarà l’anteprima della straordinaria apertura del libro


Il libro verrà aperto al

Centro Internazionale della Grafica– Atelier Aperto di Venezia.

Venezia, San Marco Palazzo Minelli, 1878/A

Creation is a Love Story

Added Jun 28, 2014

A cycle of oil paintings and installations exploring the mystery of Creation.
Creation as a vibration of Love, continuously at work ;
source and secret of our true nature,
as man and woman, as creature ‘in the Creator’s image’…

June 22d – July 18th 2014
11:00 - 20:00; closed on Saturdays
Galerie Imagoars, Campo del Ghetto Vecchio, Cannaregio 1145, Venice (Italy)

"Creation is a Love Story"

Added Jun 27, 2014

L'exposition "Creation is a Love Story" se poursuit en juillet, galerie Imagoars, Campo del Ghetto Vecchio, Venezia

"La zone € est-elle viable?"

Added Mar 21, 2014

Expo-conférence à l'institut français de Vienne
organisée par Patricia Costa-Dieth, Stéphanie Fraisse et Jean-Luc Steffan
Palais Clam-Gallas
Währingerstrasse 30
1090 WIEN

Artista InFormato 2014

Added Mar 21, 2014

Collettiva internazionale di grafica
con e a cura di Nicola Sene "Venezia Viva" e CIG

Palazzo Minelli
San Marco 1878 a
30124 Venezia


Added Oct 25, 2013

This exhibition invites a revival of a certain baroque look at Nature and Life. A look made of extravagance, 'mise-en-scène', masks and mythology, but maybe also a certain wisdom behind the scenes...

The Artist

Added Aug 14, 2013

Marie Malherbe was born in 1975 in Nice (France), and now lives between Vienna (Austria) and Venice (Italy).
History and Art history at the Sorbonne (Paris) and Ca'Foscari University (Medieval studies, Venice, Italy).
Fine Arts education with Charles Vogt at the former ESBA (Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts) in Geneva (Switzerland), sculpture at the Lycée Henri IV and Atelier Savigny (Paris, France), painting with Eric Gallet (Arras, France) and Ilona Neuffer (Vienna, Austria), illustration with Alessandra Cimatoribus (Sarmede, Italy), woodcut and etching techniques with Nicola Sene at the Centro Internazionale della Grafica di Venezia (Venice, Italy).
Her work has been recently selected for the opening of the « Photissima » Pavillion in the framework of the 56th Venice Biennale in 2015, and for the Cathedral Jubilee installation in Treviso in 2016.

Marie Malherbe was born in Nice (France). Her fine arts education starts at the École des Beaux-Arts in Geneva. She then studies sculpture in Paris, getting at the same time a bachelor in Mathematics (Pierre&Marie Curie University) and a Master’s degree in Byzantine History at the Sorbonne. In 1996 she wins a scholarship to Ca’Foscari University in Venice. In Venice, she studies woodcut and etching techniques with Nicola Sene at the Centro Internazionale della Grafica. In 2003 she sets up her own painting studio in Vienna (Austria), continuing her studies with artist and art historian Ilona Neuffer.

Her work is about beauty as a divine sign lifting up souls and thus transforming the world. Her research about interiority doesn’t exclude a certain theatricality in the form, proper to express the many dimensions in one being. She paints her enchanted world in a poetic style mixing byzantine and baroque languages.

Solo exhibitions:
2018 « Biznaga Tribute », La Biznaga Gallery closure exhibition (Venice)
2018 « The Prophet and the City », Imagoars Gallery (Venice)
2018 « Via Crucis / Via Lucis », San Giovanni Baptistery, Treviso (Italy)
2017 « Advent », La Biznaga Gallery (Venice)
2017 « Song to Zenobia », Made in.. art gallery (Venice)
2017 « Jacob », galleria Imagoars (Venice)
2017 « Angelus », Peregrini Chapel, Vienna (Austria)
2017 « Via Crucis », Cloister of the Serviten Church, Vienna (Austria)
2017 « Look Up ! », galleria La Biznaga (Venice)
2016 « Dance with the Angel » La Biznaga Gallery (Venice)
2016 « The Garden of Mercy », Diocesan Museum, Treviso (Italy)
2016 « A Sacred Covenant », exhibition on the 500e anniversary of the Venice Ghetto, galleria Imagoars (Venice)
2016 « L'Arbre intérieur-Der innere Baum », Servitenkloster, Vienna (Austria)
2015 « This is LOVE », galleria La Biznaga (Venice)
2015 « A Taste of Paradise », galleria Imagoars (Venice)
2014 « Creation is a Love Story », galleria Imagoars (Venice)
2013 « Histoires baroques », Galerie 1zu3, Vienna (Austria)
2013 « Le Jardin des métamorphoses », galleria Imagoars (Venice)
2012 « Nature baroque », Alliance française, casinò Venier (Venice)
2012 « Entre Terre et Mer », galleria Imagoars (Venice)
2011 « Und Gott sprach », Lutherische Stadtkirche, Vienna (Austria)
2010 « Femmes en Fleur », Shoetation, Vienna (Austria)
2009 « La Flûte de la Salute », illustrations, former atelier Schwedenplatz, Vienna (Austria)
2009 « Un air de Venise », galerie PIPPA, Paris (France)
2008 « Mykene », galerie MOHA, Vienna (Austria)
2008 « Urban Warmth », Holmes Place, Vienna (Austria)
2007 « Rouge », inauguration of Stegmann GmbH, Vienna (Austria)

Group exhibitions:
2018 «La Porta del Bacio», Biennale Internazionale d’Arte Sacra, Oratorio dell’Angelo, Palermo (Sicily, Italy)
2017 «Forma Ovi», Laboratorium Venezia, Chiesetta Sant’Antonio, Badoere (TV, Italy)
2017 «Tutti frutti», Venezia Viva, Palazzo Minelli, Venice
2017 «La Via dell’Ambra», Laboratorium Venezia, San Giacomo dall’Orio, Venice
2016 «La Creazione», BIAS, works in San Mercurio, San Giovanni Decollato e Santissimo Salvatore (Palermo)
2015 «This is contemporary» , work 'Eden Revisited' exhibited as ‘Photissima’ curtorial selection in the framework
of the 56th Venice Biennale, Chiostro dei Frari (National Archives, Venice)
2014 «Metropolis», Internazionales Künstlerbuchprojekt by Venezia Viva & Andreas Kramer (Berlin)
2014 «S.A.L.I.G.I.A., 7 vizi capitali», Ex-Manifattura Tabacchi (Torino, Italy)
2013 «Verticalità», experimental etching show, Atelier-50 (Rome)
2012 «Il Dominio della Carne», Palazzo Zenobio degli Armeni (Venice)
2012 «LiberArti», with Monica Martin & Walterina Zanellatti, Festival delle Arti, Giudecca (Venice)
2012 «Libriamo», international MailArt Show (Vicenza)
2011-2015 «Artista In-Formato», experimental etching show by Atelier Aperto, Palazzo Minelli (Venice)
2010 «Libro della Notte», travelling international artists’ book by Venezia Viva (Venice)

Installations & Performances :
2017 « Annonciation », installation in St. Peregrini’s Chapel, Servitenkirche, Vienna (now permanent)
2016 « Back to Paradise », « Firmament Scroll » « Pocket Cosmos » : installations for BIAS Palermo
2016 « La Flûte de la Salute », scenography & performance for the Alliance française, Casino’ Venier, Venice
2016 « Il Giardino della Misericordia », Jubilee installation, Treviso Cathedral (Italy)
2015 « Eden Revisited », opening performance for ‘Photissima’, Venice Biennale

Books’ Illustrations :
2015 Le Cantique des Créatures / Sonnengesang, Bernest editor, Vienna
2015 Pierrot apprit à sourire, Bernest editor, Vienna
2012 In a while Crocodile by Chris Locker, Children's Books gallery, San Francisco, (USA)
2010 Rut-Gedichte, poems by Gundula Harand, Schnider’s Verlag (Austria)
2009 La Flûte de la Salute, éditions Pippa, Paris (France)

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